We believe that parents and the school should work in partnership to support a child's learning.  A pack of homework ideas will be given out at the start of each term.

Each night the children will be expected to:

  • Read
  • Practice sounds/words and spellings where appropriate


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)
Children will be expected to:

  • Read nightly
  • Practise sounds and words
  • Learn their number bonds to 10, then 20
  • From Year 2, learn the relevant times tables

On a regular basis children will receive 'Talk' homework. The children will be given information about what they need to talk about.  The aim of this is to have quality 'talk' time with your child about the given subject.  All of the family can get involved talking about the given topic.  Children need to be able to talk before they can write and following the talk homework this is just what they are asked to do – write about what they have been talking about with you at home.

We also have a Maths library which consists of games and activities which the children can take home. In addition to this from time to time children will bring home extra activities and worksheets connected with their work in school.

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