RE and Collective Worship

Religious Education is taught in each class, each week in accordance with the recommendations of the Local Authority's Agreed Syllabus, a copy of which is available for reference in school.


Collective worship is held on a daily basis. Throughout collective worship we aim to enhance the moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our children.

The aims of our collective worship are:

  • to create experiences that encourage a time of reflection;
  • to comply with the legal requirements for the act of worship, reflecting the traditions of Christian belief;
  • to develop a sense of fellowship and community through assembly and the act of worship;
  • to provide opportunities for children to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and to use stories from other faiths;
  • to develop a positive attitude towards people who hold different beliefs from their own and towards living in a diverse society.
  • to respond to festivals, celebrations and special events within Christianity and other religions.

We respect all faiths and parents who wish to withdraw their children from collective worship or religious education should inform the school in writing. Pupils who are withdrawn from religious education and collective worship are given a quiet time, supervised by an adult, in which to reflect on their own beliefs.

We encourage children to think of others who are less fortunate than themselves and actively support a variety of charities.

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