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Market Drayton Infants and Nursery LGB Strategic Plan


The Local Governing Body - what we do:

We work to make sure everything is in place so that children can do their best learning.

  • We agree the overall vision for the school and support the vision of the trust; its strategic direction, its policies, and its plans for improvement
  • We monitor and evaluate the school's work and its pupils' achievements
  • We are accountable for progress at school to parents and the wider school community

We help to oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.

Individual governors visit school to attend parents' events, to inform themselves about progress with specific aspects of the school improvement plan and to help support the school in a range of ways.  We help to make strategic decisions about the school as a group at our termly meeting. The meetings have an annual programme which includes monitoring performance and improvement, whole school and specific budgets such as Pupil Premium and Sports funding and reviewing and updating some school based policies.  

Operational management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and her staff. We support her in helping to set the overall direction and 'learning culture' of the school, in line with the school's values and aims, and focussed on establishing high expectations, promoting effective teaching and learning, and raising standards of achievement.

Towards the end of the summer term each year we evaluate our performance as a governing body, and its impact. Governors evaluate the performance of their chair. We also publish as a newsletter for parents a concise summary of key issues for governors during the previous academic year, including challenges and achievements which illustrate the impact of our work.  You will see a link to the latest summary at the top of this page.


Who we are:  


Post Term of Office     Business Interests
Mrs Samantha Scott Headteacher Ex-Officio Ongoing  A trustee as partner
Mr Matt Hughes (Chair) Trust Board Representative      31/03/2019  
Mrs Kerry Simmons Trust Board Representative 09/11/2020  
Mr Andy Watkiss Trust Board Representative ​31/05/2020 ​Director, Mount Lane Nursery​
Mrs Ros Thomas (Vice Chair) Co-opted 03/06/2019  
Mrs Ruth Jeffries Co-opted 03/06/2019  
Miss Sarah Kynaston Co-opted 31/03/2019  
Mrs Julie Meijueiro Co-opted 25/10/2021  
Mrs Lucy Allen Parent 19/10/2021  
Mrs Lucy Sorbie Parent 13/10/2020  
Mrs Hillary Williams Staff ​27/11/2019  


Attendance at Governors Meetings 2018-2019
Name                                            11/10/2018     22/11/2018    31/01/2019   14/03/2019   


Mrs Samantha Scott Y Y Y  Y    
Mr Matt Hughes (Chair) Y Y    Y    
Mrs Kerry Simmons Y Y Y  Y    
Mr Andy Watkiss Y Y    Y    
Mrs Ros Thomas (Vice Chair) Y   Y  Y    
Mrs Ruth Jeffries   Y Y  Y    
Miss Sarah Kynaston   Y Y  Y    
Mrs Julie Meijueiro Y Y Y  Y    
Mrs Lucy Allen   Y    Y    
Mrs Lucy Sorbie   Y Y  Y    
Mrs Hillary Williams Y Y Y  Y    

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