Health and Safety

The following information is a summary of day to day basic health and safety.  More detailed information is available in school on request.

The school has achieved 'The Safer Schools Award', this involves maintaining a safe and secure school environment.  Members of the whole school have worked on this and continue to meet on a termly basis.

Jewellery should not be worn in school for safety reasons. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can catch on clothing and cause injury. Small stud earrings are acceptable. However, they must not be worn on the days the children have Physical Education.  If there are any problems with this then please see the class teacher or Headteacher.

It is the school policy not to administer over the counter medicines during the school day. However, parents are welcome to come to school to do this themselves.   The exception to this prescribed medication; inhalers (children keep those near them and a specific form relating to asthma management for your child needs to be filled in) and for long term medication (a medical form for all of these will need to be obtained from the main office and filled in). The school has trained First Aiders on hand at all times in case of accidents.

Please respect the parking restrictions outside the school as the safety of children and severe traffic congestion at the beginning and end of the school day is of an on-going concern.  Please do not park in the car park, it is for staff and visitors only.

Parents are welcome to park at the Methodist Church on Clive Road and walk from there.  Please be courteous to local residents at all times and do not block their driveways.

We work very closely with the CSOs and they regularly carry out spot checks on parking in the area. 

School Security
We take school security very seriously and are constantly reviewing our organisation and procedures. Most of our doors have locks that only open from the inside or are security coded.  All external doors are closed at 8.50 a.m. and anyone arriving at school after that time, i.e. between the hours of 8.55 a.m. and 2.55 p.m., should only enter the school premises via the main entrance near the school office. They should report to the school secretary and sign the late book or visitors book as appropriate.

All visitors will be asked to sign in and be given a numbered badge to wear to indicate that they have official authorisation to be on the school premises. In this way we are able to keep a record of who is in school at any point in time. Anyone on the school premises without authorisation will be approached by staff and may be asked to leave.
The Trust provides insurance cover to protect children should they suffer injury, damage or loss through negligent acts by staff or others engaged on Council business.

The Trust does not provide any personal accident insurance (i.e. where no one is negligent or to blame) or cover for personal effects.

For local outings we have decided not to provide any personal accident insurance either. For longer outings we take out personal accident cover and any other insurance.  The premiums will be included in the overall costs of the trip. If we do not think special insurance is necessary we will make this clear to you so that you can make your own arrangements if you wish.

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