School Council

In September, every class elects two representatives from Year 1 and 2 to work with the School Council lead teacher. Children decide if they want to stand for School Council and have to say why they want to stand. Each class then has an election which enables them to learn a little more about democracy. In the first meeting, each member signs a School Council charter and agrees to work in partnership.

The School Council meets regularly throughout the year to discuss ideas and work on different projects in the school. They also work with some of the schools in the Market Drayton Learning Partnership and their School Council children. School Council representatives give their initial ideas in meetings and then are tasked to go back to their classes to research ideas about the project together. They are responsible for feeding this back to the group and then an overall decision is made and taken back to the school leaders. Ideas for projects come from the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher in the school. Children have made lots of important decisions, such as: 

· Deciding on the bins to buy for the school playground

· Running stalls at the school fayres (summer and winter)

· Finding out how safe the school is and feeding this information back to the Safer Schools Committee

· Deciding on the school logo

· Making decisions with local schools about how local schools can work together

· Holding an anti-bullying competition to design and make wrist bands to wear in anti-bullying week

These meetings offer all children in our school a say and enable them to feel like they have a greater sense of ownership and make a real difference to the running of our school.  

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