Understanding the World

Reception have done lots of work to develop our understanding of the world...

The firefighters came into school to talk to the children about how to stay safe.


In science the children explored ramps to see which vehicle went the furthest. They tried a small car and a big car. They talked about the results.


For Parliament Day the children learned about the British Value of democracy. The children voted for their favourite flavour crisps. They went into a polling booth and voted and put their vote into a box. These votes were then counted to find the winner.


The children used the Bee Bots to find different places on the map of Market Drayton. They controlled to Bee Bot by pressing the buttons to give it instructions.


The children made chocolate apples, held a sparkler and watched the fire being lit. They sat around the fire eating their chocolate apples.


The children explored ways to set the dinosaurs free from the ice. They tried a range of ways including using a hairdryer, the radiator, throwing the ice, using a hammer or putting them in the microwave. All the children managed to free their dinosaurs. Some took longer than others!


Our dinosaur topic began with the mysterious appearance of footprints in school and a nest full of eggs. The children researched dinosaurs in the library and tried to work out what kind of dinosaur might have been in school.


Sophie the dinosaur came to visit us at school. We could stroke her if we were feeling brave! The children also became palaeontologists for the day, carefully digging up fossils.


The children had a great time at Dudley Zoo. They saw lots of animals and looked at where they lived. They saw giraffes, monkeys, tigers, lions and lots of other animals.


The children explored materials to find out if they were waterproof or not. They chose the material and dropped water on and watched if the water went through. Each person in the group had a job to do either collecting the equipment, testing, observing or recording.


The children walked to the cenotaph to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of world war 1 and to lay our home made wreaths.

The children investigated whether the shape of a bubble wand affects the shape of the bubble it makes. Loads of fun.


The children enjoyed making their own ‘fossils’ using coffee dough and dinosaur feet.


At Chinese New Year the children learnt about different ingredients and food that is eaten in China and also compare our crockery to the crockery used in China.

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