Football Tournament​


Just before half term we had the next of our Year Two Tournaments! This one was a Football Tournament. The children were fantastic, they really are getting to know what they are doing now in terms of the organisation of the afternoon. They actually played the matches on the field having done all of their football lessons on the playground. It has been a shame the wet conditions made the field unusable. The children really noticed the difference and how much more slowly the ball travels!

The children played some really good games showing real perseverance and teamwork. It was  a pleasure to organise the tournament for them. The final ended up as Liverpool from Moon class against France from Sun class. The score 3-0 did not reflect the battle these two teams had! The winners were Liverpool. The Grove students were amazed at the standard of the childrens' ability in football. Well done to everyone, they have learnt so much about teamwork and playing in a competitive situation. The children shake hands with each other at the end of each game to congratulate each other.​



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