Science Boffins


As part of national science week we have had our very own science boffin come into school. During a whole school assembly the children learnt about all kinds of exciting ways that science is used.  

Here the science boffin mixed hydrochloric acid with something else to creat a chemical reaction.  This created smoke and oxygen.  Once the oxygen was made we proved it was oxygen by lighting a flame.  

Baby's nappy.jpg 

Here the water in a cup disappeared!  At the bottom of the cup was white powder which is what is in a baby's nappy.  It absorbed all of the water and turned it into a jelly type material.  

wind tunnel.jpg
One of the teachers tried to blow up this wind tunnel like a giant balloon.  It took her ten breaths!  One of the children stood back and blew it up in one breath!  This is because by standing back and breathing it created a vacuum and sucked all of the other air in as well.


​Here two of the children held a walking stick and put a toilet roll on it.  A leaf blower was used behind the toilet roll to blow it and it amazingly went up in the air until it all blew off the roll!  The science boffin explained that the fast air goes over the top and there is slow air underneath and this makes it lift up.  This is how an aeroplane works.

After the assembly the science boffin went to work with children in Years 1 and 2.



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