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Bronze, Silver and Gold Graduation's in July 2017



 Dates for Passports to be handed to Class Teachers for Reconciliation:

Autumn Term       TBC
Spring Term  TBC
Summer Term  TBC


Ceremonies for Bronze, Silver & Gold achievements will be held during the Summer Term.

Market Drayton Infant School is working in partnership with a consortium of school within the county and are part of the Shropshire Children's University.

Shropshire CU is part of a national scheme designed to reward children for trying extra-curricular activities that encourage them to learn new things and explore new places.

Children in Reception to Year 2 will be given a special Children's University Passport. They can then use this Passport to collect stamps at activities and build up a log of what they are doing.

Throughout the year school will monitor your child's progress through their Passport and will present certificates in school. As they achieve awards they will be invited to a special Graduation ceremony at a partnership University.

I hope your family enjoy the learning opportunities associated with Shropshire CU.

More information is enclosed in this leaflet or at

Shropshire CU - Using the Passport to Learning.pdf 

Learning Desitnations.pdf 



What is Shropshire Children's University?

Shropshire CU encourages children to do fun and educational activities outside of the school day. It is part of a national scheme (Children's University) for children aged 5-14 and is all about positively engaging children in high quality learning activities.  It is all operated through a passport system through local schools in which children collect stamps in their passport when they engage in CU recognised activities or visit CU recognised 'Learning Destinations'.   

What is a Learning Destination?

This is a place, club or organisation, offering extra-curricular activities, which teach children skills or engage them in the world, e.g. a sports club, a music group, uniformed groups or a museum. They must be extra-curricular, voluntary and can be linked to school e.g. after-school clubs. 

Shropshire CU has validated after school clubs and extra-curricular activities such as trips and extra-curricular activities at Market Drayton Infant School using a nationally recognised framework and the children have been issued with passports which they are to keep safe.

This passport can carry on as your child moves through to Market Drayton Junior School, as they are also included in the Shropshire CU consortium of schools. 

Learning Destinations must be registered with Shropshire CU, as we will check they are offering a quality and fun activity.

Find a list of current National Learning Destinations:


For more information about the scheme please get in touch with us using the details below:

Shropshire CU Co-ordinator:   Louise Follett                 


Telephone. 01630 652909  or visit the website:




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