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Telephone: 01939 211140

Address: Sansaw Estate, Sansaw Business Park, Hadnall, Shrewsbury SY4 4AS

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email:  admin@empowertrust.co.uk

Empower Trust is a network of unique and diverse church and community academies dedicated to collaborating to ensure the provision of an outstanding education for every child within the Trust. Our mission is to ensure that we give every child the very best education possible – socially, morally and academically. Academies within Empower Trust demonstrate the courage to innovate and empower every member of the school community to play their part in developing exciting and imaginative child-centred learning experiences. 

A clear ethos and agreed set of values underpins the way all the Trust’s academies collaborate.  The Christian character of the Church of England academies within the Trust is maintained through positive links with the Diocese of Lichfield.

Empower Trust celebrates the fact that every school is different.  Each of its academies retains a unique ethos and character that responds to the needs of its local community. The role of Local Governing Bodies in developing and monitoring each school remains vital in ensuring local needs are prioritised. We aim to ensure every parent will want to select our academies as their local school of choice by doing everything possible to support all children to become successful learners and to develop into young people of whom the family, academy and community can be proud.

The members of Empower Trust are:

Greenacres Primary School, Shrewsbury

Market Drayton Infant and Nursery School

Market Drayton Junior School

St.Peter’s CE Primary and Nursery School, Wem

St Georges Primary School, Shrewsbury

The Wilfred Owen School, Shrewsbury

Woodfield Infant School, Shrewsbury

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