Extended School Offer

A range of after school clubs from external providers are on offer during the week for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 each term. Further details are available from the school office.

All clubs must be booked in advance.

Download the offer form here: Spring Term 2019

COMING SOON Download the Y2 offer form here: from Spring Term 2019 from 17th Jan to 11th Apr

Autumn Term Timetable 2018

Day Club Open to Time Dates
 Monday  Valor Ju Jitsu Martial Arts  Rec, Y1, Y2        2:50 to 3:45     

All term round from 14th Jan

 Tuesday  Airborne Gymnastics  Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50 15th Jan to 9th Apr
 Wednesday      Airborne Gymnastics  Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50

16th Jan to 10th Apr (not 30th Jan or 13th Feb)

 Thursday  Musical Theatre & Street Dance  Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50 17th Jan to 11th Apr
 Friday Stoke City Community FC- Multisports     Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50 18th Jan to 29th Mar
  Tennis  Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50 18th Jan to 5th Apr

If your child is entitled to Pupil Premium Funding some clubs may be funded by the school. Please contact Louise in the school office if you are unsure if you are eligible.

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