Extended School Offer

A range of after school clubs from external providers are on offer during the week for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 each term. Further details are available from the school office.

All clubs must be booked in advance.

Download the offer form here: Autumn Term 2017

Autumn Term 2017

Day Club Open to Time Dates
 Monday  Valor Ju Jitsu Martial Arts  Rec, Y1, Y2        2:50 to 3:45       All term round              
 Tuesday  Airborne Gymnastics  Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50  12th Sep to 5th Dec 
 Wednesday      Airborne Gymnastics  Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50  13th Sep to 6th Dec 
 Thursday  Y2 Clubs run by Teachers  Y2  2:50 to 3:45  To be confirmed
 Friday  Stoke City Community FC- Multisports     Rec, Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:50  15th Sep to 24th Nov 
   Nick Williams Tennis  Y1, Y2  2:50 to 3:45  15th Sep to 8th Dec 

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