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Admissions Policy - Nursery

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Parents are able to put their child's name on the waiting list as soon as they are two years old.  As sometimes demand exceeds places available our admission policy is:

·       Children with a statement of SEN

·       Looked After Children

·       Children taking up their full entitlement of 15 hours.

·       Children who live in the immediate locality.

·       Children who move into the area and are 4 years old.

·       Children out of locality but with siblings attending the Infant School.

·       Children out of locality with no siblings attending the Infant School.


School Admissions

Admissions Policy 2017-18.pdf

Admissions Policy 2018-2019.pdf

Admissions Policy 2019-20.pdf

Your child is entitled to start school in the academic year in which they turn 5 years old.  The academic year runs from September 1st to 31st August inclusive. 

 The school's its own admissions authority which is operated by Shropshire Council as the Local Authority (LA) on behalf of the school, full details of this together with information about the arrangements for admissions are set out on the Shropshire website:

Parents can contact the admissions team on:

0345 678 9008

Letters will come direct from the Local Authority to your home alerting you about the need to apply for a school place, usually in the autumn term in the school year that your child becomes four.


Those children who are allocated a place at the school for their children to start in Reception are invited to a day and a half induction, which will follow the lines of a normal school day.  Parents are invited to a New Entrants' Evening before the school visit where staff discuss the school's aims and routines with parents.


The following information gives the allocated places for admission in to school for the 2016-2017 cohort:

Date of allocation

Admissions limit

No of 1st place preferences received

Total places allocated

No of 2nd preferences allowed

No of 3rd preferences allocated

April 2016







Further information regarding Shropshire schools' admission arrangements can be found from the following link:


Changing your child's school

From September 2013 the regulations changed for mid-term or “in-year” applications and local authorities no longer have to co-ordinate applications.

To change your child’s school to a Shropshire school you should complete the midterm/in year application form and send it to your preferred school.

There are guidance notes to help completing the form.

If the school is not in Shropshire, contact the relevant local authority to see how you should apply to their schools. You will find contact details on the website.

The decision to move your child from one school to another should never be taken lightly. A settled placement throughout both primary and secondary school is important. If your child is having difficulties, or you are considering a transfer for other reasons, please discuss issues with your child's headteacher before making a decision.


School Admissions Consultation for Parents

Parent Consult notice 2018 

Shropshire Council, as admission authority for community and voluntary controlled schools in Shropshire, will be conducting a consultation exercise on School Admission Arrangements for 2019/20 and simultaneously co-ordinating a consultation exercise for any own admission authority schools proposing changes.  The consultation will commence on Friday 15 December 2017 until 26 January 2018

In summary the proposed changes are as follows:

  • Minor changes are proposed to the designated catchment area at secondary transfer to align with the primary designated catchment area.  This will affect a small number of residents located at Bomere Heath, Hoptonheath, Rowton (near Broome), English Frankton, Atterley, Pennerley and Stanwardine in the Wood. (Please see website for maps of the affected areas.).   

  • Crowmoor Primary School in Shrewsbury is proposing a reduction to its Published Admission Number from 34 to 30.

  • Barrow 1618 CE Free School  is proposing the addition of children of teaching staff as a new criterion in their policy.

  • Ellesmere Primary School is proposing the addition of children of their staff as a new criterion in their policy and prioritising children with siblings attending the school.

  • Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust in Shrewsbury (Greenfields Primary School, Mount Pleasant Primary School and Radbrook Primary School) is proposing the addition of children of staff criterion to each of their school policies.

  • Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School  is proposing to prioritise all looked after children, regardless of whether they are baptised Catholic children and to make minor changes to their oversubscription criteria. 

    The consultation documents will be available on the Shropshire website: following the link to the Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2019. Any comments on the admission arrangements should arrive no later than 29 January 2018 and should be sent to:

    School Admissions, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, SHREWSBURY, SY2 6ND

    Or by e-mail to:

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