Ofsted Report


Longslow Ladybirds Playgroup

Latest inspection February 2015

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Inspection Report 2015


Market Drayton Infant School

​Extracts from the Ofsted Report:

'The pupils’ love of learning is evident in every classroom, from the playgroup to Year 2. The 
pupils are not only well prepared for the next stage in their education, but are eager to embrace '
it, confident in the skills they have learned and with high aspirations.​
'‘Respect’ is the central theme in the school’s outstanding approach to behaviour management. 
Pupils learn to respect their teachers and each other, to listen and to take turns. ​​'
'Since the last inspection, the headteacher has driven improvements in the quality of teaching 
and the pupils’ achievement. She has successfully shared her high expectations with staff, 
parents and pupils. Inadequate teaching has been eradicated and​...​teaching is consistently good.'
'The pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding and makes a 
significant contribution to their experience of school and their understanding of the world. '
'The governors have a strong commitment to the headteacher’s vision of a school based on 
respect, high expectations and parental involvement. They know the school well as a result of 
individual governors being linked to different areas of its work. '

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