Market Drayton Learning Partnership


The vision of the Market Drayton Learning Partnership is “to work as a community to support our children and young people in their enjoyment of learning, raising their aspirations and their achievements as learners now and for the future.”  The school is an associate member of the trust.


As a Co-operative Foundation Trust, the Market Drayton Learning Partnership shares with co-operative organisations throughout the world a set of cooperative values. These are: self help , self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. We also believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. 


Key areas to focus on

1.  Family Support Worker - Market Drayton Infant Schoool, Market Drayton Junior School and Grove School have employed a Family Support Worker to work across the three schools.  They will be supporting children and families who have been identified for early help.  This role commenced in May 2018 and is something that will develop over time and be of great benefit to support the children and families in the town.

2.  Mathematics - the Junior School and Longland School have started to look at mastery in the maths curriculum and this is something that the Infant School will be commencing from September 2018.  The maths co-ordinators from across the schools will be working on this to share practice and to continue to drive up standards in maths.

3.  Drug Education - the Local Authority are in the process of producing a new drug education policy for use in Shropshire Schools.  This is something that all of the schools are keen to work on together in order to ensure that there is continuity from infants through to secondary school, at a level appropriate to a child's age.

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